Campanha pelo Silêncio (Silence Campaign)

The project was established by a campaign that aims to educate users about silence culture, intended to re-educate the public that attends SISBI/UFU libraries on how to use the libraries space, making the public aware of the need to maintain silence in study environments.

Graphic art sharing: SISBI / UFU as an institutional sustainability agent provides the art of graphic material (book markers, desk displays, awareness cards, posters and banners), in open files (coreo draw) used in the campaign for that other libraries can implement it, including the logo of its institution.


Vamos Comemorar (Let's Celebrate Project)

Society, in its various cultures periodically honors through holidays, events that are considered important.
Noting that the annual calendar has a commemorative day for each profession, it was proposed to develop,

in partnership with the courses and their coordination, commemorative events that value the educational tripod: teaching, research and extension.


Sarau Sons Poéticos

This project aims to guarantee the library social and cultural function through

the development of actions that encourage culture through reading, creation and dissemination

of poetic productions; live musical performances; plastic arts exhibition; photographs; dance; theater, etc.


Bookcrossing SISBI/UFU

SISBI/UFU BookCrossing is a social project carried out by the Library System that aims to contribute to the formation, diffusion and encouragement of reading habits. BookCrossing is a worldwide initiative defined as the practice of leaving a book in a public place, to be found and read by another reader, who should do the same. The goal is to spread the practice of reading, transforming the world into a library. Many countries have already joined BookCrossing with no geographical boundaries to encourage reading. The books are available in public places such as: cafes, public transport, square banks, etc. , making people search through reading for self-social and cultural development.