Guia de Recolhimento da União

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14/03/2018 - 15:15 - updated 14/03/2018 - 15:15
Target audience: 
Student / Professor / Admnistrative technician
Subject matter: 
Santa Monica Central Library (MON) / Umuarama Sector Library (UMU) / Physical Education Sector Library (FIS) / Basic School Sector Library (ESB) / Ituiutaba Sector Library (PON) / Patos De Minas Sector Library (PAT) / Monte Carmelo Sector Library (MTC) / University Hospital Sector Library (HCU)

Guia de Recolhimento da União (GRU) is one of the documents established by the Ministry of Finance so that the citizen makes payments to Federal Public Bodies.

GRU Issuance - Educational Services:

1. Complete the form according to the highlighted guidelines:

Gerar GRU - Passo 1


2. Notes:

  • The payment can only be done at Banco do Brasil branches or self-service.
  • For Electronic Cash (self-service) payment, inform:
    • Payment
    • Pay date
    • Reference number (indicated in GRU)
    • SSN (when the SSN number starts with numeral 0 (zero), do not enter it)

Gerar GRU - Passo 2


3. The fine write-off occurs through SIAFI (Integrated System of Financial Administration of the Federal Government), three business days after its payment with the system in operation, or at any time, with the presentation of the voucher in the following sectors:

  • Circulation - Counter service for fines write-off, loss of keys;
  • Multimedia - Santa Monica Library - ticket counter for write-off fines (special materials);
  • Reference - For payment of a fee for bibliographic switching.

For credit card payment cases, the write-off will only be made after the third business day because the receipt does not refer to the GRU discharge.

Payment receipt will not be accepted for immediate fine write-off.